Stunned no. 89

Rambutan Dream of a Future Desert c60 (Stunned no. 89) —out of stock

It’s no accident that this is Rambutan’s third entry in Stunned’s catalog, and hopefully it won’t be his last. Appearing to have slowed the prolific pace of his 2009 solo offerings, we were starting to wonder what’s been brewing in Eric Hardiman’s cauldron for 2010. Then this luminous hour was slipped our way, and we instantly realized what the wait was about. ‘Dream of a Future Desert’ is Rambutan’s personal zeitgeist of ethereal texture-craft and his definitive statement of the year. With an evolved ear for deep sonorous spaces, Hardiman maneuvers his glistening guitar & honeydripping synth lines into an overall manifestation of desert mirage and articulation of oasis air. Epic in scope and mesmerizing in its holographic nature, ‘Dream of a Future Desert’ presents itself as an absolutely essential chapter in Rambutan’s inimitable discography. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c60 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

‘Dream Of A Future Desert’ is a really great hour-long slide into the mind of Albany, NY’s Eric Hardiman, best known for his work with Burnt Hills. Rambutan is an entirely different kettle of guff – long abstract hallways of treated keys and guitars, opening up like a string of mirrored rooms – but the glint of this stone is no less bright. Instrumental and very psychedelic in a low-key and rambling way, ‘Dream’ has a definite “smoke if you got ‘em” vibe that’s hard to resist.The Wire, October 2010

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