Stunned no. 85

Roped Off Blows Glass In Space / Discovers a New Angle c40 (Stunned no. 85) —out of stock

Forces to be reckoned with in their own right as farmers of prime Delaware sound crop, Mike Haley (Wether, 905 Tapes) and Dave Doyen (2:00AM Tapes, Vales) tag team a set of bent synthesizers on this c40, bringing their new duo Roped Off into snarling maturity. We presume that blowing glass in space leads one to smoke something especially dank out of that glass in space. Let’s further assume that the discovery of a new angle was not only novel, but an inevitable consequence of these actions. No matter how it’s sliced, or slices through the listener, it’s an entirely unpredictable ride in the opposite direction of a safe synth reality. These boyz mean biz. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c40 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

Animal Psi
Foxy Digitalis

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