Stunned no. 86

AlberorovesciatoCrown, Mineral & Sacred Well (The Skorpio Tape) c30 (Stunned no. 86) —out of stock

Crown, Mineral & Sacred Well: alchemical antidotes to planetary toxicity. Our heroes Alberorovesciato combine these ancient elements in a half-hour ritual of percussive glossolalia, summoning assistance from outer realms. Now Skorpio is back, and he’s way pissed about this oily fuckin mess everywhere. Seriously, humans. If you can’t plug your holes, stop drilling them. Skorpio knows. He stopped needing oil a few millennium ago. Now he survives purely on the ecstatic anti-rhythms of freedom that Francesco Cavaliere & Marco Lampis have been celebrating with Alberorovesciato since Stunned no. 21. Thanks for making the call guys, and welcome home Skorpio. Do whatever it takes to make yourself clean & comfortable here. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c30 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

Auxiliary Out

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