Stunned no. 112

ToningPitch the Drone c31 (Stunned no. 112) —out of stock

Cody Brant is a man of many talents, known best for his involvement with renowned Portland groups Flaspar and Smegma as well as helming the Meandering Recordings label. Most recently, he’s honed his solo game and has apparently pitched the drone in favor of sounds with a decidedly strange bounce. Cody resumes the unpredictable Toning program here on the heels of his Eggy Records debut. With the help of a handful of buds along the way, nine numbers are stacked end-to-end which forms a chain of wheezing analog electronics and disembodied chant. Acetate patterns are diced and dried in the sun, then spliced and reconstituted from their dehydrated state back into gelatinous electro-tribal tape goo. Sound weird? It is. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c31 tapes w/ double sided jcard and insert.

Auxiliary Out
Signal Bruit

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