Stunned no. 113

Air SignOur Galactic Covered Wagons to the Stars c38 (Stunned no. 113) —out of stock

When reminiscing on the unsung champions of Los Angeles’ underground arts community (and trust us – there are many), one of the figures that most consistently springs to our mind is Justin McInteer. Founder of the seminal Echo Curio performance space, accomplished visual artist & gallery installation wiz, urban gardening expert, and heart-wrenching bard of the harmonium: this is a mere sample of the many roles the guy slips into with equal ease. His debut here under the Air Sign name is a relatively new endeavor in McInteer’s extensive home recording lineage, as he turns to multiple keyboards, drum machines, and samples of nature and pop music ephemera. A thing of complexity springs forth as Air Sign’s altered instrumentation helps him braid nostalgia, catharsis, and celebration into a single alluring strand. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c38 tapes w/ double sided jcard and insert.

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