Stunned no. 133

PimmonLay Down Real Slow c41 (Stunned no. 133) —out of stock

Epic pieces like “Lay Down Real Slow” have contributed to Pimmon’s career being quite an impeccable one over the last decade. It’s no secret that many masters of their craft eventually return to the piano, seeking its raw tactility as a fundamental starting point for new articulations. Pimmon takes this approach here on his second essential release on Stunned Records, and the results are invigorating. Samples from the ivory keys glide beautifully within a patient matrix of laptop manipulations, a technique that draws cosmic gestures from humble origins. A national treasure not only to his homeland of Australia but to all of us around the globe, Pimmon is paired best with a relaxing and carefree listening environment, going down like the finest of red wines. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c41 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert.

Coreografo del Cerro

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