Stunned no. 134

Nite LiteMarlene c36 (Stunned no. 134) —out of stock

The boys are cut loose and Myste takes up the solo Nite Lite reins on her new peripatetic audio-tour ‘Marlene’. A tribeswoman from the black time of innocence discovers interdimensional gates within Nature. The sounds of forest animals, machines, and people mingle with subtler sounds welling up from the earth’s very core. All vibrations become indiscriminately suspended in her ear, their energies funneled from hidden brain glands into the alchemical chamber of her heart. It is from this activated place of love that ‘Marlene’ is captured, held for a while, then released back into the wild again. Keep your nite lite burning. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c36 tapes with double-sided jcard and insert.

Weed Temple

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Bryce said...

Absolutely beautiful tape.