Stunned no. 135

M. Geddes GengrasThe Empty Space c93 (Stunned no. 135) —out of stock

Let it spill through you like the peak experience of your choice. In your hands is ‘The Empty Space’ and pouring into your head is Stunned’s most trusted synthesizer medicine man M. Geddes Gengras. This is an album dealing with freefall, the ground suddenly dropping out, the fierce void we rush against that resists our naturally preferred trajectory. The cycles and patterns appear to dominate — yet MGG boldly transcends such conditions with his fearless navigation through an unpredictable modular synth patchwork, taking a plunge into analogue novelty in its most naked state. Roots run deep in a tree bearing aural fruits this sweet. Special edition of 222 pro-dubbed & imprinted c93 tapes with double-sided color jcard.

Weed Temple

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