Stunned no. 25

Enfer BorealThe Birth of Venus (Stunned no. 25) — out of stock

Whether it was in reference to the second planet from the sun or the roman god of love, this particular birth demanded frenchman Enfer Boreal to craft some of his most cosmically creamy zoners in honor. Eschewing his previous releases’ pressure-packed drones, ‘The Birth of Venus’ keeps the fuzz warm-n-light so that blissed organ & guitar lines are buoyed into the mix like silvery stratospheric beings, instruments of novel expression played by no one. Yet Enfer Boreal manages to uncover challenging peaks in the arc of his masterfully-controlled soundtrack, ensuring repeated visits to this realm of vapor. Hand numbered edition of 100 painted cdrs in color slipsleeve w/ transparent overlay in vinyl jacket; designed in energy of AIR.


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