Stunned no. 26

XiphiidaeTransresonance Formation (Stunned no. 26) — out of stock

Xiphiidae is often praised around here not only for capturing us with the glowing biomechanics of his transmissions from the slippery edges of the noosphere, but also for the fact that these reports form a metasignal of nuance that few other discographies care to sustain. The Xiphiidae-antennae become conduits of deeply alien & angelic sounds, among the earliest preceptors to arrive in environments that far surpass anything resembling consensus reality. In these places, a new Resonance might be detected, sending signals through nature & patiently waiting to be heard over the entropy of the eons. Hand numbered edition of 100 painted cdrs in color slipsleeve w/ transparent overlay in vinyl jacket; designed in energy of WATER.

Auxiliary Out

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