Stunned no. 27

A.M. ShinerGood Cop (Stunned no. 27) — out of stock

Andrew Michael Shithead heaves bad-mannered molotovs of juvenile delinquency & stolen wattage back into the city grid, intent on waking at least one other dreamer for the fight. A post-urban portrait painted in hot shades of shrapnel and puke that is not fit for those with heart conditions, children under 13, or reptilian politicians (and their good cops). Hand numbered edition of 100 painted cdrs in color slipsleeve w/ transparent overlay in vinyl jacket; designed in energy of FIRE.

"A.M. Shiner’s contribution towards Stunned’s First Anniversary celebration is the fly in the ointment. It’s crunch of created din is the sort of noise that found sound enthusiasts dream of capturing. It’s the sound of a buzzing mosquito that just won’t leave you alone; it’s the sound of a train speeding head-first into a brutal storm as the wind and rain desperately punch at the steel structure; it’s the haunting echo of factory machinery forging car parts and children’s toys. 'Good Cop' may be a ‘noise’ album by the loosest of definitions, but the thread-ripping sounds created by A.M. Shiner are industrial in nature: the sounds of creation, destruction, and reconstruction. Hidden behind a simple paper sleeve and a decorated lament lays the most unassuming musics of Big Bang." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Given the dubious category of “goodness" in modernism and the even more dubious subject of the determining critic – frequently more fascist than friend - it’s difficult to articulate what it is about A.M. Shiner’s ‘Good Cop’ that makes it a worthy listen. Like it’s cohort of concrete noise and drone (synthetic, or in other cases, “found” or aggressively “captured”), foremost a utility for playback, the sound object exists in exposition without claim to much, particularly in the divorce between title and content. The disc’s seven tracks are mechanical and motoric, unconsciously compulsive and tenacious; the levels are level, neither combatively harsh nor smoothly assimilated. Perhaps hungry for the other this unpeopled sound rebukes, untitled track six (and given the curtness of number seven, the final track) reveals the brilliance of this regressive algorithm as a slurred, low-fidelity incantation is looped in an arrhythmic cycle which warps and multiplies the sound in an ingrown meditation to the floor. Not to negate the gains of the preceding tracks, this is good, falsifiably good, and good for reasons wholly its own." - Animal Psi

"Also of extreme psychic use is GOOD COP by the young Stunned Records' artist A.M. Shiner, whose "music" reminds me of the bizarre sub-submarine sounds that a friend of mine once captured by putting his microphone down the drill shaft of the North Sea oil rig he worked on. Sounds like this are so alien and so uncomfortable that it feels, at first, like eavesdropping on the groans of the Mother Earth during a heavy menstrual cycle. But once the mind relaxes enough to attune itself to these clandestine happenings, we float free and far above the cultural building blocks of the everyday, and these sounds take on healing elements that are truly essential. Beyond one previous cassette release, I don't know much at all about Andrew Michael Shiner, except that the good people at Stunned Records are on to something, and this release is a great place to start." - Julian Cope / Head Heritage

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