Stunned no. 100

Foundation Stones: The Stunned Box — c112 + c96 + c72 + c66 + c81 + c88 (Stunned no. 100)—out of stock

The re-issues selected for this box set are among the indispensable foundation stones which paved the way for Stunned Records to arrive at this 100th release celebration. In working over months & years with the eleven artists represented in The Stunned Box, the community-building potential and sheer delight that accompanies efforts of mutual collaboration has increasingly verified itself. In addition, each of them poured vision and skill into every moment of their releases with us. Because these albums were originally issued on highly-limited CDr, and we’re having trouble with our own cascading compact disc archive, we decided it was time to reach back and rescue these beloved classics before any more obscurity could settle in. Here’s what you get with ‘Foundation Stones: The Stunned Box’:

— Eight-and-a-half hours of music spanning six pro-dubbed & imprinted cassette tapes
— Re-issues of early and rare Stunned CDRs, all transferred from original masters
— Cassettes are housed in vinyl album with double-sided cover art and insert
— Box set comes in a crocheted slipcase designed & handmade by Myste French
— This special edition is limited to one-hundred and eleven copies

TAPE 1 (c112)
Side A: EurekaEureka (Stunned no. 1)
Side B: Ear & ThroatViaje (Stunned no. 2)

TAPE 2 (c96)
Side A: RambutanBroken Infinity (Stunned no. 38)
Side B: Metal RougeSalt Stones (Stunned no. 22)

TAPE 3 (c72)
Side A: Sleepwalkers LocalBetter Living Through Science (Stunned no. 8)
Side B: smgsap Chrysalis Cycles (Stunned no. 9)

TAPE 4 (c66)
Side A: Eureka Big Breath (
Stunned bonus #8) & Cloud Stages (Stunned bonus #5)
Side B: Plankton WatCrystal Wizard (Stunned no. 13)

TAPE 5 (c81)
Side A: The DoglandsThe Doglands (Stunned no. 6)
Side B: The Pistil CosmosSmoking Clouds In the Land of Fire (Stunned no. 23)

TAPE 6 (c88)
Side A: Sean McCannSway (Stunned no. 12)
Side B: Enfer BorealThe Birth of Venus (Stunned no. 25)

1 comment:

Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

Phil, this looks wonderful. Picked up a copy along with the new releases via Discriminate Music (me and my tardy ways! Thank god for distros!)

Keep up the great work man. Oh, forgot to mention, the new Silver Bullets tape is great.

Definitely kept me on my toes, instead of just giving us more of the same zoned krautrock infected bliss of their debut, they push the boat out.